Service Description - Jersey Personalization


We offer customers personalized customization services for jerseys. You have the opportunity to create your own unique jersey by placing a custom order.

Currently, our customization service is available for both bodysuits and jersey sets.

Please make sure to include the name and number you want to customize in the payment notes.

Of course, we understand that customers may overlook certain details or encounter other situations. That's why we have created this page to provide explanations and help you avoid or resolve any issues that may have arisen.

No Notes Provided

Regardless of the reason, you have placed a custom order without providing any notes regarding the name or number you wish to customize.

What we will do: We will attempt to contact you through the contact information you have provided and inquire about the name and team number you would like to customize.

Unclear Notes

Once you place a custom order, you can customize both the name and number. Perhaps you are concerned about making too many requests, and as a result, you only provided one of them.

What we will do: Similarly, for the sake of the garment's aesthetic appeal, we will attempt to contact you. Unless you provide specific instructions in the notes and emphasize that you only intend to have one of them printed. For example, if you only want the name printed or if you only want the number printed.

Unable To Contact The Customer

This situation occasionally occurs as well, where the customer may have provided an incorrect phone number or their email is unable to receive our messages, or they may have missed our emails.

What we will do: To ensure the smooth processing of the order, we will make attempts to contact you and wait for a week. If we still cannot reach you within this timeframe, we will proceed with shipping the default design style (non-customized) to the customer.

Customization Process

  1. Place an order
  2. Note name and number
  3. Check the renderings
  4. Start production
  5. Delivery