Life is always full of surprises, just like the coming of my baby, and I want to give him all my love.

When my son was born, as a father who loves soccer, I hoped to pass on my love of the sport to him by wearing the jersey of my favorite team, taking him to watch the games, recording memories with him, and sharing the joy of the games together.

However, we were not able to find a soccer onesie for him in the market, even though we just wanted a comfortable onesie for the baby.

With a suggestion from my wife, we decided to hand-make a baby football jersey suit, which is made of pure cotton fabric. We worked hard to make the bodysuit easy to change his diaper while watching the games.

After a short time, photos of our baby with cute and handsome football clothes spread on social media. Meanwhile, friends who love football like me began to seek help from us, and they widely praised our self-made clothes.

So my wife and I decided to start our first small business. We insisted on quality and customer satisfaction in every jersey.

We chose skin-friendly material instead of polyester material, which is known to cause skin allergies. Our clothes are comfortable for babies and of good quality. We try hard to ensure the jersey suit price is attractive.

Soon, we gained some loyal customers, and the popularity exceeded our expectations. Their favorites and feedback on our products encouraged us to continue. I must thank my wife; without her, I would not have been able to achieve so much. As an audience, she keeps me focused on each game on the football ground, and of course, there will be our children in the future.

As a souvenir of this life experience, we decided to create our own brand. Through this brand, we want to pass our love and perseverance story to families who, like us, love football.

BBK Star (BABY & KID STAR) is a brand that supplies high-quality jerseys for babies and toddlers, to create memorable experiences for families with our soccer/football suit. We have a very persistent attitude towards each jersey.

In the future, the BBK Star brand will be a symbol of comfortable, healthy, and easy-to-wear baby jerseys……