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The outlook for Portugal's European Championship is not optimistic

The European Championship is approaching, and the actions of various participating teams have been frequent. Among them, the German national team has attracted the most attention by recalling their former number 8 player, Kroos. Kroos' return to the national team has been impressive, and the team's performance has once again improved, dispelling the gloom of two previous defeats. This has given many German national team fans hope for their team's prospects in this European Championship.

While the German national team's performance has slightly improved, the situation is not looking good for another highly anticipated team, the Portugal national team led by C. Ronaldo. In an international match, Portugal faced Slovenia away. Both teams have qualified for the European Championship finals, making the match significant for preparation, with both sides eager for victory. In the first half of the game, neither team managed to score. In the second half, Celina and Elšnik scored for Slovenia, leading to a 0-2 defeat for Portugal.

Portugal ranks 7th in the world, while Slovenia ranks 55th. Despite missing key players like Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva, Portugal's starting lineup still had a value of 320 million euros compared to Slovenia's 92.9 million euros. While Portugal had a stronger lineup on paper, they lost the match without scoring, a surprising outcomes for many.

From a previous big win to this defeat, Portugal's performance drastically changed within five days. The 39-year-old veteran C. Ronaldo started but received the third-lowest rating.

In a previous friendly match, Portugal was leading Sweden by three goals at halftime and even had a four-goal advantage at one point, ultimately defeating Sweden easily. However, in the subsequent game against Slovenia, Portugal showed a different performance, ending up on the lost side.

Following the loss to Slovenia, Portugal's 11-game winning streak came to an end, and captain C. Ronaldo's performance came under scrutiny. Ronaldo had a lackluster performance, failing to score from two attempts, succeeding in only one of four dribbling attempts, committing two offside offenses, providing one key pass, winning four out of eleven duels, making two tackles, one clearance, and one interception.

Ronaldo, who recently had a poor World Cup, scoring only one penalty goal in five games, is currently playing in the Saudi league, where his efficiency is high, despite it being a less competitive league. Ronaldo failed to score in the AFC Champions League, and his growing age has indeed affected his performance.

In this European Championship, the French national team boasts the world's strongest player, Mbappé, alongside other strong players like Griezmann, Coman, and Koundé, making them one of the tournament favorites.

Compared to other national teams, Portugal has highly valued players, but their collective performance has not been outstanding. It raises questions about whether the new coach, Martinez, has effectively guided the team. The outcome remains uncertain, and it is unclear what results Portugal will achieve in the European Championship.

One thing is certain: this is Ronaldo's final European Championship. Winning the European Championship would add another trophy to Ronaldo's illustrious career, while an early exiting for Portugal would undoubtedly leave the veteran with regrets.

With some time left before the European Championship officially begins, Portugal still has the opportunity to adjust and hopefully enter the competition in a fresh competitive state.

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