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The new Brazilian forward line combination, can it help Brazil clinch the Copa America title


It is well known that the two giants of La Liga prefer Brazilian players, and Real Madrid in recent years has been frequently the recruitment of young Brazilian talents. Following numbers 3, 7 Vinicius, and 11 Rodrigo, as early as December 2022, Real Madrid officially announced the signing of the then 16-year-old "New Ronaldo" Ennerick from Palmeiras.

Ennerick will officially land at the Bernabeu this Summer after coming of age, starting his journey with a top-tier club. At that time, people will also see which shirt number he will wear. Currently, many people believe he is likely to wear the number 9 shirt left by Benzema.

Since becoming a quasi-Real Madrid player more than a year ago, Ennerick has increasingly shown the potential to be a future superstar. This also seems to mean that Real Madrid has once again hit the jackpot.

In the World Cup qualifier against Colombia last November, Ennerick came off the bench to make his debut for the national team. And in a friendly match against England a week ago, Ennerick made his third appearance for the Brazilian national team as a substitute and scored the winning goal. He scored the only goal of the game, his first goal for the senior national team at the age of 17 years and 246 days, making him the youngest player to score at Wembley Stadium and the fourth youngest player in Brazilian history to score his first goal.

Then, in a recent friendly match between Brazil and Spain at the Bernabeu, Ennerick once again scored a goal, helping the team draw 3-3 with the Spanish team, which also allowed him to experience the atmosphere of the Bernabeu in advance. At the same time, Ennerick became the second youngest U18 player in Brazilian history to score in consecutive games since Pelé in 1957.

Ennerick has performed well, and in the upcoming Copa America, he has a great opportunity to contribute goals to Brazil. Looking forward to his performance in the Copa America.


Real Madrid has gathered five young talents in their prime: number 5 Bellingham, 7 Vinicius, 11 Rodrigo, Ennerick and 15 Balverde.

From the current situation, these young talents have a relatively harmonious relationship within the team, and their cooperation on the field is also closely. But this harmony is likely to change with the arrival of PSG's number 10 Mbappe.

It is well known that Mbappe has the ability to play in the middle and on the wings, but the left side is his most active and favorite area. Due to positional conflicts, it seems that Vinicius and Rodrigo can only choose one between them. And between the two, Rodrigo seems to be the one more prone to injury.

When Vinicius performs poorly on the right, Real Madrid coach Ancelotti's first solution is usually to switch Rodrigo, who has not made mistakes, with Vinicius. In such a choice, it is not clear whether the people of Real Madrid prefer number 7 Vinicius. In addition to this, Rodrigo also faces competition from Balverde.

The situation in the club is becoming more and more unfavorable to him. Whether Rodrigo's Real Madrid career will end after this season remains to be seen. After all, Mbappe and Real Madrid are still negotiating and consuming. Only when he truly wears the Real Madrid jersey will he pose a threat to Rodrigo, and Real Madrid may announce the sale of Rodrigo to the outside world.

Although Rodrigo's position in Real Madrid is becoming increasingly unstable, he seems to be gradually establishing himself in the Brazilian national team because the team's big brother, the world-famous number 10 player Neymar, has been away from the field due to injury for a long time. The Brazilian team is facing the situation of being leaderless, and Rodrigo, who previously wore the number 10 jersey for the national team, has a strong firepower and unlimited prospects in the Brazilian national team.


In 2018, Vinicius joined Real Madrid for 45 million euros. At that time, the young Vinicius performed fairly well, but he could not control his behavior and play rationally, often being criticized by fans. But now he has become more and more mature, no longer making some extreme behaviors, and has inherited the legendary number 7 jersey of Real Madrid.

This season, Vinicius has performed extremely well in matches, and currently, Vinicius is undoubtedly one of the explosive points on the side of Real Madrid. Since joining the team, Vinicius has played 252 matches for Real Madrid, contributing 75 goals and 72 assists. His value has risen to 150 million euros.

The upcoming Copa America is the moment when these three young talents wear the national team jersey to shine for the national team. Of course, when facing powerful countries like Argentina and Uruguay, we must not take it lightly and play each game seriously. We also look forward to the starting of the official matches. The Brazilian national team can win the championship.

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