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The England national team has just a strong lineup, and may not achieve a good result in the European Championship

The England national team has just a strong lineup, and may not achieve a good result in the European Championship.

According to the announced squad of the England national team, there are currently five players with a market value of over 100 million pounds, which is an unprecedented glory globally among national teams. Even if we include club squads, England, with five hundred-millionaires, surpasses Real Madrid's four hundred-millionaires. In terms of player value, the total value of the England team exceeds 1.4 billion euros, making them stand out globally.

These five hundred-millionaires are Harry Kane, the number 9 forward for Bayern Munich, Saka, the right winger wearing the number 7 shirt for Arsenal, Foden, the number 47 midfielder for Manchester City, Bellingham, the number 5 midfielder for Real Madrid, and Rice, the number 41 midfielder for Arsenal. Except for Foden and Saka, who may have positional conflicts, the rest play in key positions for the team.

However, performance on the football field speaks louder than market value. Despite the high market value, the team still has very obvious deficiencies. If these deficiencies are not resolved, the England national team may not go far in the current European Championship.

One major flaw is the absence of a clear choice for the team's third midfielder. While England has many midfield options, the 33-year-old veteran Henderson is the most suitable choice in terms of experience, but he is currently not playing for a world-class club. As for Tottenham Hotspur's midfielder Madison and Chelsea's young talent Palmer, one has been injured for half a year and the other is only 21 years old and has just emerged at Chelsea this season.

It is also worrying whether they can perform steadily in the big stage of the European Championship. Additionally, establishing Bellingham as the core and then adding Madison and Palmer, two attacking midfielders, seems to create an imbalance between offense and defense.

On the other hand, 18-year-old Meng from Manchester United, wearing the number 37 shirt, seems to be the most suitable choice. He is a defensive midfielder with good ball distribution abilities. If he can form a double pivot with Rice, the defensive midfield of England would be solid, and it would also fully unleash Bellingham's attacking talent.

However, Southgate is a coach who prefers to use defensive tactics. Even if Meng performs well, Southgate may not necessarily adjust his accustomed tactics, as changing tactics would mean taking risks.

The second problem is the aging of England's defensive line. 33-year-old Walker, 31-year-old Maguire, and 29-year-old Stones currently occupy the main positions, and the last left-back will be chosen between Chilwell from Chelsea and Shaw from Manchester United. This defensive line has declined in terms of athletic ability compared to the European Championship four years ago. If they come up against France, with Mbappe as their number 10 player, it will be difficult to withstand the attacks of the French team.

The third hidden danger is the goalkeeper position. After four years, Pickford is still England's first-choice goalkeeper, and at 185CM tall, he is a strong goalkeeper for the lower- and mid-table teams in the Premier League, but is considered just average for top teams.

Arsenal's highly anticipated goalkeeper Ramsdale was benched by Spain's goalkeeper Raya after a year as the first-choice goalkeeper. These two goalkeepers are ranked nearly last among the top teams in Europe.

As the old saying goes, in a major tournament, a team with a strong defense will win the championship. Last season, Italy unexpectedly reached the final and won the championship by relying on an impenetrable defense. Although England now has a luxurious squad worth 1.4 billion, they are top-heavy. To win the European Championship, they will need to carefully plan their defensive arrangements in the remaining two months.

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