Mount's Struggle to Fill Ronaldo's Shoes in Manchester United's No. 7 Jersey

Mount's Struggle to Fill Ronaldo's Shoes in Manchester United's No. 7 Jersey

The disappearance of Mount, Manchester United should not give Mount the No. 7 jersey!

As we all know, each team has one or more star players, and each player wears different jerseys based on their tactical value within the team. As we know, C Ronaldo has always been closely associated with the No. 7 jersey.

When he first joined Manchester United, perhaps many people did not expect Ronaldo to immediately wear the Manchester United No. 7 jersey. But the then Manchester United coach Ferguson gave him this opportunity, nurtured him well, and helped him become a world-class player.

After Ronaldo left Manchester United and joined Real Madrid, although he did not immediately get the No. 7 jersey at Real Madrid, gradually through his efforts and frequent goals, he helped the team win and eventually solidified his position within the team, taking over the No. 7 jersey from Real Madrid legend Raul.

When Ronaldo returned to Manchester United, Cavani vacated the No. 7 jersey, and Ronaldo once again wore the Manchester United No. 7 jersey. Ronaldo's immense popularity also led to the No. 7 jersey of Manchester United being sold out at one point.

In people's minds, the Manchester United No. 7 jersey is very unique, and anyone who wears this jersey is definitely not an ordinary player. After Ronaldo and Manchester United coach Ten Hag had a disagreement, Ronaldo chose to leave, and the Manchester United No. 7 jersey was left unused.

At the beginning of the new season, people have been discussing who will take over the Manchester United No. 7 jersey and become Ronaldo's successor? At that time, the most popular candidate was the Argentine player Gana Joe.

However, Manchester United coach Ten Hag, contrary to the expectations of many fans, did not give the Manchester United jersey to Gana Joe, but to 24-year-old English midfielder Mount who was introduced in the summer transfer window.

Many Manchester United fans expressed their incomprehension about Ten Hag's decision to let Mount wear the Manchester United No. 7 jersey. Does Mount's competitive level deserve this legendary jersey?

Before joining Manchester United, Mount's club was Chelsea, where he played 195 matches, scored 33 goals, and provided 37 assists. These are not very eye-catching achievements and are not enough to support him wearing the legendary No. 7 jersey in Manchester United's history. But Mount also has a very obvious advantage, he is very young, and has huge potential for growth!

Objectively speaking, in his first season coaching Manchester United, Ten Hag helped the club win a championship, showing signs of recovery. He had high hopes for Mount, and many Manchester United fans also hoped that Mount could help Manchester United achieve more victories!

However, Mount, who was highly anticipated by many fans, not only failed to lead Manchester United to more victories but also became invisible since the start of the season. After joining Manchester United, Mount played a total of 12 games, did not score a goal, and only provided one assist.




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