Mbappé made concessions, will he wear the number 7 jersey?

Mbappé made concessions, will he wear the number 7 jersey?

Mbappé, as a world-renowned player, will surely not be rejected by any club, and Real Madrid, as one of the best clubs in the world, is also firmly implementing its long-standing operating strategy to sign the best players in the world to ensure its competitiveness.

However, sometimes the trendy of the world football is out off controlled by Real Madrid. Individual strong players may also refuse Real Madrid for various reasons. Mbappé has never joined Real Madrid, which is the best proof. So when will Mbappé join Real Madrid? I'm sure no one knows.

Recently, many newspapers have revealed that Mbappé is about to join Real Madrid. After the news spread on the Internet, some well-known figures said that Mbappé has reached a signing agreement with Real Madrid, and Nasser, the director of Mbappé's current club Paris Saint-Germain, has officially given up trying to retain Mbappé.

As of now, the La Liga season has not ended, but Mbappé has not appeared at the Bernabéu yet. After joining Real Madrid, which jersey number will Mbappé wear? Currently, Mbappé can choose among three jersey numbers: number 7, number 9, and number 10.

Firstly, Mbappé is most likely to wear the number 10 jersey. This is because the older Modric will most likely leave Real Madrid after this season. In the matches of this season, Modric's playing time has been decreasing, which is the best proof that he will leave Real Madrid.

Modric is a meritorious player of Real Madrid, winning many championships for the club. As his career enters its twilight years, his cooperation with Real Madrid will naturally come to an end, and Real Madrid must have prepared a grand ceremony to bid farewell to Modric.

Secondly, Mbappé might wear the number 9 jersey. Ronaldo's name is well known among the many number 9 jersey wearers, and Mbappé has the same level of ability as Ronaldo and can play as a forward. Ronaldo did not immediately wear the number 7 jersey when he joined Real Madrid, but started with the number 9 jersey, so Mbappé is likely to follow up a similar path before transitioning to another jersey number.

Finally, Mbappé could wear the number 7 jersey. The current owner of the number 7 jersey at Real Madrid is the Brazilian star Vinicius. Many fans believe that Mbappé will not wear the number 7 jersey because Vinicius recently took over the number 7 jersey and has been recognized by many Real Madrid fans for his performances at the club. Vinicius will not easily give up the number 7 jersey to Mbappé.

Even if Vinicius does not give up the number 7 jersey, it is not ruled out that Mbappé may still compete for the number 7 jersey. According to current reports, Mbappé has made significant concessions in terms of salary, image rights, etc., when joining Real Madrid in order to become a core player at the club, and the number 7 jersey is a legendary jersey that he will not easily give up!

Different jersey numbers signify different values for oneself in different teams. Choosing a jersey number that suits oneself can bring strength while playing football. Come and choose a jersey number that suits you!


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