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Kroos, 34, has decided to return to the German national team! His goal is to participate in the 2024 European Championship held in Germany

Aged 34, Kroos has won numerous championships with Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. During his time at Real Madrid, Kroos wore the number 8 jersey, forming a trio in midfield with Modric, who now wears number 10, and Casemiro, who originally wore number 14. The three of them are known as the "ceremony trio midfield" and are considered a crucial midfield combination in the history of football.

Prior to the ceremony trio midfield, the world-renowned players Cristiano Ronaldo (No. 7), Benzema (No. 9), and Bale (No. 11) possessed strong breakthrough abilities, often scoring goals with the assistance of the ceremony trio midfield, helping the team secure victories.

Looking back, in 2010, Kroos made his debut for the German national team while on loan to Bayer Leverkusen. In 2013, he became a key player for the national team, participating in three World Cups and European Championships consecutively, as well as many international matches.

In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he played all 7 matches as a key midfielder, scoring 2 goals and providing 4 assists, making significant contributions to Germany's fourth World Cup victory in 24 years.

With the delayed 2020 European Championship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the German national team was eliminated in the Round of 16. At that time, 31-year-old Kroos announced his retirement from the German national team. Since then, he has focused all his energy on club football.

However, reports this year indicate that Kroos is seriously considering a return to the German national team. In this context, on February 22, Kroos posted a photo on his Instagram wearing the German national team's number 8 jersey.

During Kroos's absence, the German national team was eliminated in the group stage of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and had a poor performance in international matches in 2023, with 3 wins, 2 draws, and 6 losses. They no longer seemed to be the strong team they once were, but rather a team that everyone targeted.

Last September, Germany dismissed head coach Flick after a 1-4 loss to Japan, marking the first time in the 123-year history of the German national team that a head coach had been fired. He was replaced by Nagelsmann. However, even with a new coach, the team's performance did not improve. As the European Championship approaches, there is a sense of hopelessness surrounding the team. Will the German team, as the host of the European Championship this year, have to watch their team be defeated by other countries?

To rescue the struggling German national team, the experienced Kroos has stepped up. His decision to return to the national team has dispelled any thoughts of retirement he may have had before.

Throughout Germany's history, Kroos has always been an absolute core force in midfield, with his super skills, broad vision, and extensive match experience. When games are deadlocked, he always manages to provide his teammates with scoring opportunities with his exquisite passes.

With Kroos back in the national team lineup, the midfield partnership between him and the veteran player No. 21 Kimmich is highly anticipated. With their help, the young player No. 6 Musiala will also quickly develop into a key player for future important matches of the German national team.

The European Championship is about to begin, and after a brief downturn, the return of veteran Kroos to the German national team will surely bring exciting games to the fans. It is truly something to look forward to.

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