England Secures Victory in Euro 2024 Qualifiers Against North Macedonia

England Secures Victory in Euro 2024 Qualifiers Against North Macedonia

In the Euro 2024 qualifiers, England faced North Macedonia in a game held at their home ground, Old Trafford, in Group C. The Three Lions came into the game with a winning streak, having secured victories against Italy, Ukraine, and Malta in their opening three matches. Their goal was to maintain their winning streak and secure a place in the Euro 2024 tournament, which will be held in Germany next summer.

England's victory against North Macedonia was a much easier win compared to their previous encounters. However, they still have more challenging qualifying games ahead of them.

North Macedonia, under the leadership of Angelovski, has also made progress since then, but England has become more stable and composed as the host team. In the first round of the qualifiers, North Macedonia defeated Malta 2-1 at home, but they were defeated 3-2 by Ukraine in their game last Friday. They were leading 2-0 at halftime but collapsed in the second half, making it crucial for them to respond quickly to this loss.

England's squad, led by Kane and Saka, has already played three matches and has scored the most goals, ranking first in Group C. In the last round, despite coming off the bench, Foden was left on the bench by Southgate, who chose to keep all Manchester City players as substitutes. The potential starting lineup for England could be Pickford; Walker, Stones, Maguire, Shaw; Alexander-Arnold, Rice, Henderson; Foden, Kane, Rashford.

Considering that North Macedonia has only scored three points from their two games, they may continue to play open football, which is why they conceded in their match against the weaker team Malta. North Macedonia has only kept two clean sheets in their past ten international matches, against the Faroe Islands and Gibraltar. The potential lineup for North Macedonia could be Ristevski; Stefan, Zajkov, Vismal; Ashkovski, Ademi, Bardhi, Alioski; Nestorovski, Elmas, Trajkovski. North Macedonia may provide a more challenging test than Malta, but England is still confident of winning comfortably on home soil.
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