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At 41 years old, still participating in the European Championship, Pepe's skills are not diminishing

After the end of the Qatar World Cup, a global football wave has come to an end. Now, a new wave of football is about to arrive with the upcoming European Championship. To prepare for this event and help their country achieve glory, the national teams of various European countries are making movements that are sure to be closely watched by fans.

In the latest squad announced by Portugal, one of the greatest football stars in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo wearing the number 7 jersey, and his good friend and teammate Pepe unsurprisingly made it to the squad.

This year, playing for Al Nassr after retiring from the top five leagues, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to maintain his hot competitive form with a perfect record of 30 goals and 11 assists, proving at 39 years old, he is still the versatile player he has always been.

Pepe, two years older than Ronaldo, sports the number 3 jersey for the Portuguese national team. Despite his relatively advanced age, Pepe maintains a high appearance rate in the league, playing many full matches.

In terms of stats, Pepe averages 1.22 steals and 2.56 clearances per game, surpassing many young players and proving that he remains a key player in Portugal's defense.

Reflecting on previous Champions League matches, before the second leg match between Porto and Arsenal, some experts said, 'Arsenal's young players should focus on attacking Pepe's area and try to make Pepe consider retirement after the game.'

In the actual match, although Arsenal won, their young players failed to unsettle Pepe significantly, not enough to make him think about retiring.

In 2020, Pepe was named Porto's best athlete of the year, and in 2022, he was selected for the Primeira Liga's best lineup. These accolades are a recognition of Pepe's abilities despite his age and rightfully earned him a spot in the new Portuguese national team.

Look into the European Championship, this will be his fifth journey. When asked about his thoughts on the upcoming European Championship, Pepe simply expressed feeling a mix of joy and nervousness on the pursuit of his dreams.

From Pepe's response, it is apparent that he is looking forward to the upcoming European Championship. With a professional career spanning 23 years, having played 120 Champions League matches, he has taken special measures to extend his career, including maintaining adequate sleep, following a balanced diet, and regular muscle recovery treatments.

If you recall, during the 2013-14 Champions League group stage match between Real Madrid and Copenhagen, Pepe suffered a head injury while contesting a header, but after receiving stitches on the field, he continued playing with bandages, playing the full match. Ten years later, in a match between Porto and Gil Vicente, Pepe once again experienced a similar scenario, this time requiring 12 stitches.

Honestly, time is unforgiving, and Pepe inevitably has moments where he struggles, occasionally being outplayed by younger strikers and ultimately ending up losing both the game and personal battles.

However, from another perspective, nobody is perfect. If one only emphasizes Pepe's age and pace in a single match, it will only highlight the veteran's tenacity. Do not forget, even back in his days at Real Madrid, Pepe won three La Liga titles and three Champions League titles, always holding on to a mentality of resetting and being a winner: 'Everyone is a coach on the field, the most important thing is to genuinely want to win.'

In World Cup matches, the Portuguese national team has never won the championship, and their jersey does not even have a single star. But with their lineup growing stronger, the Portuguese national team's jersey might soon add a star. As for the European Championship, they also have the potential to be crowned champions once again. We hope that the Portuguese national team can achieve good results in the upcoming European Championship matches.

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