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What’s baby bib? -- Everything You Need to Know about Baby Bibs

What is baby bib?

The baby bib is a garment worn hanging from the neck on the chest to protect clothing from accidentally spilled food.Kids who are under two years old,which makes you crazy, they eats food and let food everywhere.You must count on them to find a way to get their food all over, and the baby bibs can help you avoiding changing their clothes after each meal.

Bibs are traditionally made of cloth, and they secure around the neck with snap, buttons,plastic bottons and the Velcros.Fabrics tend to be comfortable and are conveniently machine-washable. Silicone bibs with 30-35 degrees warm water cleaning, sometimes with a small brush to clean the surface, silicone can not often clean easily yellow, it is recommended to scrub with wet wipes.

Do newborns need baby bibs?

Do you know when babies start wearing bibs?Parents usually use feeding bibs from around six months to about two years old to handle spills. Drool bibs are typically used earlier to protect the babies. Cloth bibs can also be useful when breastfeeding and bottle feeding, as they protect your baby's clothes from inevitable dribbles. In general,use them as early as possible.

And how long the baby should wear the bib?Babies start wearing bibs when they're first introduced to solid foods.Some parents use bibs for newborns, though you might not need them until your infant is slightly older. In fact, drool bibs can come in handy for babies that produce lots of saliva.Some newborns begin using drool bibs at just a few weeks old and they may continue using them until they stop breastfeeding or when most of their teeth come in.

Are baby bibs dangerous?

Are bibs dangerous? Even though the baby bib is placed around the baby's neck, in short, they are not dangerous. But they will be a choking hazard, so you should take some precautions when putting them on your baby.For example,don’t tie it too tight,don’t let babies cover their bibs over their faces and so on.
And the most people care about that a baby if wear a bib in a car seat.Car Seat experts, called Child Passenger Safety Technicians , confirmed that wearing a bib is safe in the car, if done correctly.

Can the baby sleep with a bib?

No,you can't.The baby bibs will be a choking hazard.For 0-5 months of baby, saliva has just begun to increase, you can use soft baby gauze or absorbent newborn baby with saliva towel to wipe. Since the baby can not sit up independently, many times it is cradled in the adult body to drink milk, this stage of the saliva towel more emphasis on water absorption, while the area is not too large, only need to cover the baby's front chest and neck, the main role is more convenient for anesthesia care or feeding at any time to wipe.

For 6-8 months of baby, due to the increase in the range of movement, while with the emergence of teeth, swallowing function to improve, saliva begins to increase. At this time, it is necessary to choose a saliva towel or bib with a large area and some waterproof functions. At the same time, the saliva towel bib at this stage is more recommended to use a soft cotton strap to tie the product, for the kind of easy buckle ring bib is easy to form friction in the baby's delicate neck.

How to tie a baby bib?

Maybe you have a problem to tie baby bib.But,don’t be worried,I can help you.How to tie a baby bib?Feeding bibs are pretty simple to use. You just put the baby bibs over your baby's chest, then gently bring the ends around their neck. The common tying method is to tie the left upper rope to the right upper eye, and the left lower rope to the right lower eye. There will be a lot of string in your baby's belly pocket. Just put the string through the eye and tie a knot.At last,you must make sure that the baby bib  is not too tight, then secure the baby bib in the back.

How many bibs do babies need?

If your child spits, dribbles, and creates a mess while eating, you will need a bib. So, depending on these factors,prepare 2 to 3 packs of five or 10 bibs, and 2 to 4 silicone bibs over two years old in your nursery stock should be just fine. The more, the better. There is no hard and fast rule as to how many would be enough though.

This depends on many things. Your personal tolerance for hygiene for your baby, your willingness to wash continuously, and also your propensity to sew beautiful things. Small babies may need a maximum of 15 -20 bibs daily if you decide to change after every feed or 2 to 4 ones if you are happy with a wipe.

How to remove stains from baby bibs?

Baby's skin is delicate, if a little stimulation may not adapt to the situation, so cleaning the baby's fabric in addition to paying attention to the washing method, but also to choose a safe and assured detergent. It is recommended that you can use natural and odorless soap powder, which contains stain technology, which can easily remove various stains through deep penetration, relatively mild in nature, easier to dissolve and rinse, and no insoluble matter remains after washing, which is safer for the baby.

Should I wash the baby bib before use?

It is important to keep them in good condition. So you will get the best out of them. And use them for later children if desired. They should be washed and fully dried the same day they are used to prevent mould. We recommend washing them in a gentle machine wash at 40 degrees. They can be tumbled dry or air dried. For more care instructions on bibs read this article.


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