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Everything You Need to Know about Baby Sleep Sack

What is a sleep sack?

Sleep sack is also called sleep bag.It is a thick,wearable blanket-tape bodysuit.Do you know the function of the baby sleeping bag or sleeping sack?And what the purpose of a sleep bag?As we all known,when babies grow too big to swaddle, we will need a different solution to keep them warm,comfortable and safe all night,which can keep them sleeping a little long.You also can use a sleep sack for newborns.So,a wearable blanket or a sleeping bag for your baby is a great option. Sleeping bags are safe and comfortable, but blankets should be avoided as it is easy to need a diaper change in the middle of the night. 

Which sleeping bag is best?

Different sleeping bags are made of different materials, and each material may be more appropriate at certain temperatures. You can choose different materials and togs according to the seasons.Does baby need a sleep sack in summer or in winter? Yes,he does. A bamboo or maslin sleeping bag with 0.5tog is good in summer,while a micro fleece sleeping bag with 2.5tog is needed in winter.

Should sleeping bags come with or without sleeves?

Are long sleeve sleep sacks safe?While sleeveless sleeping bags is better for baby sleeping,long sleeves of sleep sack would be too warm for baby,it can be used for baby outside.Experts say sleeves can be dangerous because they prevent your baby from moving freely.

If you can, it’s good for you to find a sleeping bag with 2 way zipper and shoulder buckles. This makes it easy to put the baby in the sleeping bag, and you can also easily undo everything, place the baby on the open sleeping bag, and then close it again.

How to transition baby from swaddle to sleep sack?

The baby will grow,it is the good choice for you to put the baby in sleep sack to have a nap.Although the transition to sleeping sacks was a bit of a hassle, it was great that the babies were getting bigger and more independent.Don’t be worried,you may find that the baby sleeps just as well in a sleeping bag as in swaddling clothes later.

Are weighted sleep sacks safe for babies?

When baby about six months,you can choose the weighted sleep sack.Sleep sacks make for a safe choice to use from the moment you bring your new bundle of joy home through to the time your child can safely roll over on his or her own.The sleep sacks can help your baby feel calm,fall asleep faster and will let he or she stay asleep longer.

Is it safe for babies to sleep in sleeping bags? Babies are safe to sleep in sleeping bags as long as they are the right size. The baby's arms are free, so they can realign themselves. The key is to use the right size and tog.The gentle weight of the sleep bag is located on the front or on the top of the sack only, and  it will not restrict movement, so baby can still safely roll, sit or stand.If your baby has a fever,you shouldn’t put the baby in sleep bags,it is too hot to wear it.

How long do babies use sleep sacks?

When should babies stop wearing sleeping bags? Do babies like sleep sacks?In general, your baby won't need a sleeping bag after the age of one years old, but your baby may enjoy sleeping bags,he or she is used to sleeping in it,because it is comfortable and safe. By the time they are 8 weeks old, it is safe to put them in a sleeping bag, and you can use a traditional sleeping bag design until they reach their first year of life. At this point, for older babies over 18months you can use a sleeping bag with legs, they can walk, stand and sit freely.

What should baby wear under sleep sack?

What should baby wear to bed without sleeping bag?Maybe the babies will wear the pajamas to keep the baby’s body temperature.When the baby wear the sleep sack,the clothes inside the baby can choose the underwear or light pajamas. Because there is not much difference of the sleeping bags and quilts,sleeping bags do not need to wear too thick clothes, otherwise it will cause the baby to increase the body heat. The sleeping bag will protect the baby's body from the cold, and it will not cause the baby to feel bound.

How many sleep bags does a baby need?

It is recommended to prepare 4 sleeping bags for the baby, the sleeing bag size is ranged 0-6m, 6-18m, 18-24m, you can just choose the right tog and sizes of the sleeping for different seasons. 0.3tog or 0.5 tog for Summer, 1.0 tog for Spring and Autumn, 2.5tog and 3.5tog sleeping sacks for Winter.

When preparing a sleeping bag for the baby, it is best to choose a style with exposed feet in spring and summer, and you can choose a bag with feet in autumn and winter. If there is no heating in the winter and it is cold, you can put a small quilt over the sleeping bag. If the baby's back and neck are warm and there is no sweat, it means that the cover is suitable, if the tide is sweaty, it means that the child is hot and needs to reduce the clothing.

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